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Downloads, Updates, and Errata


Worksheet 0: Blank Niche Analysis Form
0.pdf            0.word

Worksheet 1: Desired Spp. Niche Analysis Form
1.pdf            1.word

Worksheet 2: Existing Spp. Niche Analysis Form
2.pdf            2.word
Worksheet 3: Species Master List
3.pdf            3.word

Worksheet 4: Crop Guild Form
4.pdf            4.word

Worksheet 5: Soil Builders Guild Form
5.pdf            5.word

Worksheet 6: Nectary Flowering Calendar
6.pdf            6.word

Worksheet 7: Ground covers Guild Form
7.pdf            7.word

Worksheet 8: Polyculture Patch Form
8.pdf            8.word


Vol. 2, Table 7.9: Approximate Yields table update
Vol. 2, Appendix 2: Estimated Useful Life Spans table update
Updated Plant Hardiness and Heat Zone data


Volume 1: 1st printing
(to ID: cover has no Garden Writer's Assoc. silver medal)

Volume 2: 1st Printing
(to ID: page 7, Table 1.1, first heading says "Typical Issues Desired")

Volume 2: 2nd Printing
(to ID: page 546 has no flowering dates for Cichorium intybus)