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Agroforestry Research Trust
The world's leading temperate forest garden research institution. Excellent publications, including Agroforestry News. Totnes, Devon, England

American Bamboo Society
Amateur and professional bamboo enthusiasts. Albany, NY

American Chestnut Foundation
Dedicated to restoring the American chestnut through breeding and other efforts. Bennington, VT.

Association for Temperate Agroforestry
Promoting agroforestry including forest farming. Columbia, MO

The International Ribes Assoc.
Information and networking for professional and backyard growers of Ribes fruits (currants, gooseberries, and jostaberries). I cannot find a new link for this organization!!  If anyone knows what happened or where to find them, please let me know!

The Land Institute
Researching "natural systems agriculture", perennial polycultures modeled on prairie vegetation. Breeding new perennial grain and legume crops. Awesome! Salina, KS

North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX)
Association of fruit enthusiasts. Their journal Pomona reports on members' experiences with breeding, hardiness trials, and work with rare or unusual species and varieties.
Chapin, IL

North American Mycological Association
Amateur and professional mushroom enthusiasts. Can connect you with one of the many regional mycological associations. For both wild collectors and growers of mushrooms. Gladstone, OR

North American Native Plant Society
Native plant enthusiasts from the U.S. and Canada. Can connect you with one of the many regional native plant associations. Etobicoke, ON, Canada

Northern Nut Growers Association
Network of researchers, commercial producers, and backyard enthusiasts growing nut trees (plus persimmon and pawpaw). Townsend, DE

The PawPaw Foundation
Work to popularize the pawpaw (Asimina triloba). Frankfort, KY

Plants for a Future
Organization promoting useful perennial plants, especially edibles. Their website, including their indispensable database, is a fantastic resource. Devon, England

Robert Kourik
Robert's works are critical references in my landscape library.  Check out all his titles, but especially Designign and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally and Roots Demystified.  His book on drip irrigation is also a great piece!

Seed Saver's Exchange
Remarkable organization whose members exchange seeds and plant material of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and flowers. Decorah, IA

Society for Ecological Restoration
Organization dedicated to repairing damaged ecosystems. Many of their techniques are of interest to forest gardeners. Tucson, AZ

United Plant Savers
Encourages preservation and restoration of native medicinal plants to prevent overharvesting of wild stocks. E. Barre, VT

A Diversion Into Politics: Theocracy Watch
OK, so I know this isn't directly related to forest gardening, but I feel duty-bound to bring this stuff to more people's attention.  If we lose our democratic freedoms, forest gardening will be of limited consequence, so take a look at this website, and realize it is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the rise of fascism in the U.S.  We need to deal with this reality in an honest and forthright way.
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