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Designing Educational Ecoystems:
A 9-Day Permaculture Educator Training

August 18-27, 2017, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Sponsored by:
Omega Center for Sustainable Living

For more information and to apply:
or contact Laura Weiland.

Humans and nature intertwine irrevocably. Consequently, ecological principles operate within all aspects of human culture and our own lives—and permaculture’s regenerative design framework applies to all aspects of culture, including the classroom. We must therefore design learning events as whole, healthy educational ecosystems for whole people.

This intensive permaculture educator training embodies and explores this educational approach. Learn how to design and run permaculture workshops, courses, and other educational experiences as ecosystems—by designing and running them. Seasoned educator Dave Jacke and his team guide you to: assess and design for students’ learning niches; create effective learning environments; plan for, budget, and market an event; and devise multifunctional, functionally interconnected courses where the whole experience is greater than the sum of the sessions.

Together, we face fears, transform inhibiting narratives, share constructively, and grow deeply in a healthy, safe, supportive, and fun learning environment. We also engage with the business of teaching, among other practical aspects. This rigorous course culminates with you designing and coteaching a daylong public permaculture workshop series along with your peers. You will leave with new skills and experiences under your belt, and feel empowered to teach permaculture and embody the change you want to see in the world.  In fact, we support you before, during, and after the training to design and run a permaculture workshop on your own post-training!

Instructor Bios:
Dave Jacke has studied and practiced ecological culture design since the mid-1970s, sometimes under the banner of permaculture, but mostly through his firm Dynamics Ecological Design.  Since writing the now-classic two-volume tome Edible Forest Gardens with Eric Toensmeier, he has come to firmly believe that we must spend at least as much time designing our human social structures as our ecological landscapes. Dave's research on ancient land use in Britain led him to appreciate the long, close relationship between commoning and land management practices like coppicing, both of which will likely become essential again in the near future.

Chris Jackson has been designing, implementing, experimenting, living, and teaching permaculture since 2002. He is drawn to expanding permaculture and ecological principles into social systems, to link people with their ecologies to create just, resilient, healthy systems.  Chris is a farmer, educator, and designer who homesteads and works with at-risk youth in Plainfield, Vermont.  Chris took this training with Dave in 2007, and has helped run the course five times since then.

Kim Almeida practices and teaches permaculture and bioregional herbalism. She took this training with Dave and Chris in 2009, and has served as staff for Designing Educational Ecosystems trainings since 2010. As a clinical herbalist, educator, farmer and wildcrafter, Kim helps connect people and plants, makes medicine, and cultivates community. ecotoneherbals.com


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